Matthew Lane Pianist

Matthew is an experienced pianist based in the Torbay area. Originating as a classical pianist, Matthew has since completed his bachelor’s degree in Popular Music, where he performed and studied a range of genres including pop, rock, and jazz in both ensemble work and solo work. He also has experience in performing background piano music for restaurants, exhibitions, and other functions.


   An experienced accompanist, Matthew has played with many singers including Britain's Got Talent semi finalist Ella Shaw. Whilst in Hereford he also has the experience of playing along side top session musicians such as Simon Goulding and Simon Moore.


   As well as a performer, Matthew is a keen composer, writing music for various short films, promos, and motion graphics. Whist at Hereford College of arts, he was often acquired by the college to write the music for their

promotional material.


   Also an educator, Matthew has a strong passion in community music, aiming to help disadvantaged children and young adults get into music.